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NVQ Level 5 & 6


Sri Lanka is one of the reputed tourist destinations for its remarkable natural tourism resources and authentic food culture. As per industrial data, Sri Lankan hotels will need over 100,000 new workers with the number of star-class rooms expected to more than double in the next three years, given the new projects approved. Hospitality and Tourism industry is booming up in the Island as a result of the enormous flow of inward tourists that we continue to experience. At the same time, a considerable amount of hotel projects are in pipeline.

The very message is that there is an inordinate demand for people equipped with the right qualification earned to NVQ level 6 with proven practical expertise too to manage these hotels.
Even though tourists enjoy the tourism experience in Sri Lanka, the hotel industry has faced issues with limited human resources (HR) and employees’ lack of motivation to provide professional services. Traditionally, hospitality education in Sri Lanka has been focused on offering courses merely on operational aspects of hotel trade such as front office, food and beverage, housekeeping and kitchen operations. At present, there are more openings for ladies and gents in the hotel sector for middle managerial level with NVQ level 6 qualification. Their upward mobility to higher level positions is however limited as there is no avenue available for them to obtain a NVQ 6 qualification in Hospitality Management from a recognized institution. Hotel industry in Sri Lanka today needs ‘leaders, and risk takers’ who possess outstanding skills and who are able to motivate, train and nurture standards in the meantime. For that purpose, the NVQ level 6 offered by University College of Anuradhapura is truly the pathway for someone to eventually move up to higher positions.

This programme of study is designed for those who are successfully completed in G.C.E. (A/L) or NVQ level 4 in the hospitality and tourism sector. English will be the medium of instructions. Modules will be delivered by a panel of industry professionals with expert knowledge. The practical components of modules will be delivered through field visits, internship and industry exposure sessions. The programme is grounded in the essential skills needed for hotel management, beginning with English language courses and ICT tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry. Students will also be able to advance their skills in Front Office Operations, House Keeping, Cookery, Food and Beverage Management, Accounting, and business plan. Selected students will receive opportunities to do on the job training in star class hotels. The diplomates of this programme will be equipped with middle management competencies required to be future leaders of the global hotel and tourism industry.

G.C.E A/L Qualification

Pass in Science, Art, Commerce or Technology Stream
NVQ Qualification

NVQ Level 4 certificate in Cook, Room Attendant, Waiter/Steward, Tour Guide
Age: In between 18 – 29 years old

Full Time – 3 ½ Years

  • Foundation (Bridging) Program         – 6 months
  • NVQ Level 6  (Semester I and II)      – 1 year
  • On the Job Training (OJT) I    – 6 months
  • NVQ Level 6 (Semester III and IV) – 1 Year
  • On the Job Training (OJT) II  – 6 months

Hospitality Management diplomats could find excellent opportunities for employment in private and government sector, focusing towards sustainable development.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Chefs
  • Mangers (Hotel/ F & B/ Front Office/ Banquat)
  • Bar tenders
  • House Keeping Executives
  • Cabin Crew
  • Instructors
  • Lab Assistant
  • Mrs. W.W.M.S.S.K. Wijesundara – Lecturer (Prob.)
  • Ms. P.D.N.A.B. Jayarathna – Lecturer (Prob.)
  • Mrs. U.K. Herath – Demonstrator


The objective of this program is to develop experienced technologists with a strong, flexible background in Building Services Technology.

Course Modules in Hospitality Management Programme

  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2
  • Semester 3
  • Semester 4
Module codeModule
H55C003M01Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality Management
H55C003M02Public Relations
H55C003M03Front Office Operations in Hospitality Management-1
H55C003M04Food and Beverage Operations in Hospitality Management-1
H55C003M05Effective Communication in Hospitality Management
EMTU01Workable Information Management
 No module called Principles of Financial Accounting
 Information and Communication Technology
Module codeModule
H55C003M06Front Office Operations in Hospitality Management-2
H55C003M07Food and Beverage Operations in Hospitality Management-2
H55C003M08Risk Management in Tourism and Hospitality
H55C003M09Stores Maintenance and other logistics
EMTU02Workplace Communication Management
EMTU03Planning and Scheduling Work at Workplace
Module codeModule
H55C003M10Housekeeping Operations in Hospitality Management-1
H55C003M11Kitchen Operations in Hospitality Management-1
H55C003M12Human Resource Management and Staff Training
H55C003M13Research Methods and Continual Improvement
EMTU04Problem Solving and Decision Making
Module codeModule
H55C003M14Housekeeping Operations in Hospitality Management-2
H55C003M15Kitchen Operations in Hospitality Management-2
H55C003M16Financial Management & Accounting
H55C003M17Business Plan Preparation & Implementation
H55C003M18Occupational Health and Safety
EMTU05Teamwork and Leadership
EMTU06Creation and Maintenance of learning Culture

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