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Director / CEO Message

Titus Peries Chief Executive Officer, University Collage of Anuradhapura.


Be Educated and Let Other’s be Educated.

University Collage Anuradhapura (UCA) is the premier higher education institute recognized by the University of Vocational Technology (UOVT) – Sri Lanka, the apex body of the Country’s University College system. Our academic programs cater for NVQ Level 06 as well as Higher National Diploma (HND) in the fields of 08 deferent NVQ 6 Courses. We take pride in the fact that UCA produces highly knowledgeable and skillful diploma holders with exceptional levels of employability.

The diploma programs at UCA offer many academic pathways. Students while studying toward the NVQ 06 can also earn other qualifications such as Diplomas and Advanced Higher National Diplomas which are designed to meet industry requirements.

Although, a majority of our students complete their diplomas at UCA those who wish to do so have the option of transferring to University of Vocational Technology (UOVT) once they fulfil the eligibility criteria after completing NVQ Level 5 and 6. We place great emphasis on the quality of our vocational education. In addition to recruiting and retaining highly qualified and experienced academic staff, we continuously enhance our teaching learning environment and improve the curricula and grading techniques to ensure high standards of our academic programs.

We also offer a number of programs designed to develop soft skills of our students and conduct industry certified professional development programs in collaboration with other University Collages in the country. The institute’s enrollment has been rising steadily and currently UCA has over 700 students following its HND and NVQ Level 06 programs.

Welcome to University College Anuradhapura – we have set for ourselves a high benchmark, not just in terms of academic standards, but also in transparency, accountability and governance to serve as an essential stepping stone to fulfill life and career. We as a team at UCA join hands to pave the path of students to achieve their dreams.

Titus Peries
Chief Executive Officer,
University Collage of Anuradhapura.


Educating for Human Greatness.

Established in 2014, the University College provides high-quality education, equipping trainees with the acumen to address both local and global challenges with their unmatchable competencies skills gained from University College of Anuradhapura. Within the short span of its existence, the University College has achieved remarkable success and continues to forge its future with eight programs: a modern curriculum, research endeavors, student engagement, professional training, infrastructure development, industry partnerships and much more. Making transformative impact on trainees who entered either with NVQ level four or G.C.E.(A/L) qualification in relevant streams, faculty, industry and society is the aim of these programs.

The University College community subscribes to the fundamental conviction that education is a catalyst for positive change and the cornerstone for building strong, resilient and enduring communities. The University College also instills a spirit of inquiry professionalism, social consciousness, and deep sense of patriotism. It provides many opportunities to grow academically, intellectually, socially and as well-rounded human beings. In the process, critical thinking is emphasized, teamwork is promoted, technology awareness is instilled, new veins of knowledge are explored, multi-cultural awareness and empathy are developed, interpersonal competencies are fostered, practical life skills are honed, and an ethical perspective woven into its fabric.

Today, the University College of Anuradhapura is at the forefront as a vocational education providing institute in the country. Three fundamental initiatives driving this change are rooted in the belief that collaborative endeavors will build synergies, leading to new and innovative ideas that, ultimately, will have deep social impact. Collaborative endeavors are thus a hallmark of our global positioning strategies and aspirations. It is also our conviction that innovation drives progress in society and helps us face a variety of evolving challenges. By emphasizing collaboration and innovation in its major endeavors University College continues to remain the front-running institution it is known to be and to make its contributions felt in the region and beyond.

As Head of Academics, I am deeply committed to attracting a body of faculty within my capacity and trainees dedicated to academic excellence, pedagogical sophistication, top-notch research, and service to society. In our mission to contribute to national development, University College of Anuradhapura stands tall as a center of excellence that is able to develop confident leaders, independent thinkers and creative entrepreneurs. We also focus on professional development of our students in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to play a leading role in different sectors of the economy and polity. The University College’s programs for faculty development ensure a dynamic and futuristic environment for teaching and research.

In our efforts, we are expanding our network of partner organizations in all the parts of the island. We have also begun working with the Diaspora to develop innovative programs that harness the knowledge and skills of those born in Sri Lanka who now want to give back to the country of their birth. With our many stellar achievements, we are proud of our role of providing well competent middle managers in Sri Lanka.

Dr. W.A.D.S.S. Weerasinghe
Head of the Academics