Robofest 2018 – Silver Award

The team of University College Anuradhapura won the 2nd Place in the University Category of ROBOFEST 2018 which was conducted by Faculty of Engineering of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) on 07th September 2018. The objective for the contestant was to impart to the micro mouse an adaptive intelligence to explore different maze configurations and to work out the optimum route for the shortest travel time from start to finish.

This is the third time that UCA team won a prize in a Robotic competition. Previously they won the 2nd Place and 3rd Place from the same competition (ROBOFEST 2017) which was organized by SLIIT. Also, they won the 2nd Place and 3rd Place from the Robotic Arm Challenge for University Category which was conducted by the Faculty of Engineering Technology, the Open University of Sri Lanka on 22nd January 2018.

UCA Shadow Team

  • J.A.L.H.Dissanayake
  • R.D.D.N. Thilakasiri
  • E.M.D.D. Eliwita
  • A.A.S.M. Jayasekara
  • W.P.P. Madusankha

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