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NVQ Level 5 & 6


The National Diploma in Quantity surveying is a two year program (NVQ Level 5 & 6) oriented towards the skills required by the industry at middle management levels and leads students to the degree of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Quantity surveying. In order to achieve this, the students shall work closely with cost controlling concepts, and how handle the resources; men, machine, material, methods and money in the construction industry.
Quantity surveyor is the person who responsible on estimating the quantities from the design drawings, and measurement of the quantities in the site during the project implementation, and preparing the current and final payments.

In general can describe quantity survey as follows: 
  • Description and preparation of the bill of quantities and its items required for the tender.
  • Preparation of the site material, material types, and material distribution. Describe the items and preparing BOQ
  • Preparing of the cost estimate in BOQ.
  • Preparation of the list of the site needs (technician / workers, machine and material)
  • Preparation of the due payment statements (contractor payments during the construction
  • Review and check the bids submitted and preparation of the lists of the contents of bids.
  • Sharing in evaluation and preparation of the recommendation to award the contract to be submitted to owner.
  • Review and checking the payments submitted from the contractor.
  • Preparation of reports about conformity of quantities items with contract documents.
During the implementation, quantity surveyor (Contractor) responsible for

A Quantity Surveyor should be with ability to understand the drawings details, design drawings, shop drawings, as built. Excellent knowledge of the calculation of the areas and volumes, knowledge of fees of  workers, technicians, rules and law of the contracts, In addition to the knowledge of related financial issues taxes, banks transactions, insurances and its implication and Knowledge of the productivity of the workers and technicians.

To fulfill the requirement, it is essential to introduce professional technical courses as a social responsibility. To be an alternative, University College has decided to conduct Quantity surveying course, maintaining the national vocational qualification standards.

Candidate should have NVQ Level 4 Certificate offered by the recommended institute in the field of Construction Technology, Building Services Technology, and Engineering Draftsmanship.


GCE A/L 03 Pass in Relevant Stream (Mathematics, Science or Engineering Technology)

The Higher National Diploma in Building Services Technology is a two year (Full time) program (NVQ Level 5 and 6) oriented towards the skills required by the industry.

The course complies with four academic semesters and one year on the job training as follows,

  • Foundation program  – 6 months.
  • Semester I   – 6 months.
  • Semester II  – 6 months.
  • 1st on the job training   – 6 months.
  • Semester III   – 6 months.
  • Semester IV   – 6 months.
  • 2nd on the job training – 6 months.

After complete the Higher National Diploma students will qualify the working in the field of Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing Building Automation, and Extra Law Voltage (ELV) systems.

They can contribute their capacity to the country as a,

  • Implementation of Building Services (Construction/consultation).
  • Maintenance of Building Services.
  • Mrs. M.D. Rathnayake – Lecturer (Prob.) – HOD


The objective of this program is to develop experienced technologists with a strong, flexible background in Building Services Technology.

Course Modules in Quantity Surveying

  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2
  • Semester 3
  • Semester 4
Module CodeModule
F45C002M01Mathematical concepts in Quantity Surveying
F45C002M02Measurement- I
F45C002M03Construction Technology- I
F45C002M04Quantity Surveying Practice-I
F45C002M05Drawings practice for Quantity Surveying
F45C002M06Financial Accounting
F45C002M07General Economics
Module CodeModule
F45C002M09Contract Administration- I
F45C002M10Material Technology
F45C002M11Estimating & Tendering
F45C002M12Quantity Surveying Practice-II
EMPM02Workplace communications Management
EMPM03Plan Work to be Performed at Workplace
Module CodeModule
F45C002M13Measurement- II
F45C002M14Quantity Surveying  Practice-III
F45C002M15Contract Administration- II
F45C002M16Construction Technology II
F45C002M17Construction Economics
EMPM04Problem Solving and Decision Making
Module CodeModule
F45C002M18Quantity Surveying  Practice-IV
F45C002M20Construction Technology-III
F45C002M21Computer Aided Quantity Surveying
F45C002M22Project Work
EMPM05Teamwork  and Leadership
EMPM06Creating& maintaining a learning Culture at Workplace

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